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[17-19 June 2013, Greece] Thermal and mechanical properties of archaeological ceramics

Trainers: V. Kilikoglou, A. Hein, G. Vekinis, I. Karatasios, N.S. Müller (N.C.S.R. Demokritos)

The programme of this training course can be found HERE

Registration: Participation is open to all post-graduate students and early stage researchers interested in the subject or already working in the field. No fees will be charged. Registration is required and the number of participants in the practical exercises will be restricted. (

Duration 3 days 17-19 June 2013

The training course in Athens concerns archaeological ceramics in terms of their function. It will comprise theoretical lectures about thermal and mechanical behaviour of ceramics as well as experimental practice in material testing. Material properties and their relation to ceramic function will be exemplified with case studies on transport containers, cooking pots and pyrotechnical ceramics. A specific focus will be given on the effect of vessel shape and its examination on the basis of computer models, using the finite element method. More information will be shortly available on (

For any enquiries you might have regarding your participation in the training course, please contact Dr Anno Hein (