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[28-30 April 2014, Greece] Research, Recovery, Revival. From analysis and laboratory experiments to full scale reproduction of archaeological artefacts



The next NARNIA training course organized by THETIS will be held in Athens, Greece between the 28th and 30th of April 2014, at THETIS’ Workshop _ THETIS AUTHENTICS LTD (Mets, Athens center) and the Mets seminar centre

Title : Research, Recovery, Revival. From analysis and laboratory experiments to full scale reproduction of archaeological artefacts

For the training course PROGRAMME, please click ***HERE***

Below you may find more information regarding the training course

Trainers: Eleni Aloupi (THETIS, ceramics), Bessie Argyropoulos (TEI Athens, metalwork), Antikleia Agrafiotis (Univ. Thessaly, stone tools _experimental archaeology), Sofia Sotiropoulou (ORMYLIA ADC, wall paintings), Stefania Chlouveraki (INSTAP-EC, mosaics, Minoan food), Pitsa Kavassila (textiles), Christos Markou (NCSR Demokritos, 3D scanning and printing) et al.

The training course is NOT open to the public, and there is a limited number of places available (15-18 ps), specifically for PhD students and early stage researchers specializing in ancient technology

Registration is required ( subject nariaTR_RE3_THETIS) _ deadline April 5th 2014

Fee: none (other than travel costs and accommodation to be covered by participants; for inexpensive/affordable accommodation see below)

Duration 3 days, 28-30 April 2014

Description of the event: The full scale reconstruction of objects using the original materials, techniques and processes, in the context of a contemporary production or a large scale restoration work can ultimately lead to the revival of an old / lost craft with tangible and sometimes unexpected benefits such as new products and services in the field of education, tourism and even our everyday life.  The 3-day workshop is based upon courses combining theory with hands on experience and traditional techniques with modern technology (i.e. 3D scanning and printing); the goal of the TR is to demonstrate the validity of the full scale reproduction of ancient and historical artefacts (ceramics, metal works, mosaics, wall paintings, byzantine icons, textiles and dyes) as a continuation of the physicochemical analysis and the experiments that usually take place in the course of a scientific study. The participants will have the opportunity to visit a historic textile industry located in the center of Athens and experiment with ancient culinary customs and selected recipes in technologically authentic tableware.

For any enquiries you might have regarding your participation in the training course, please contact Dr Eleni Aloupi (email: for narniaTR_RE3_THETIS. Mrs Tina Kyriakis (Alternative Athens) will be happy to advise on accommodation.


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