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[19-30 March 2012, UK] An Introduction to the Petrology of Archaeological Ceramics

Host Organisation: Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, UK

Location: The Department of Archaeology is housed in Northgate House, which lies in the eastern edge of the University of Sheffield Campus. It is situated on West Street, close to the city centre of Sheffield. Information:

Dates: Monday 19th – Friday 30th March 2012

This two week course will introduce students to the study of archaeological ceramics in thin section. Starting with an introduction to optical mineralogy and the polarizing microscope, the course will examine the identification of minerals, followed by the geology of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Subsequent to this, we will explore the topic of clays, weathering and the formation of soil, moving on to the practice of ceramic petrography, grouping and description, the interpretation of provenance and the reconstruction of technology in thin section.

Each day of the 10 teaching days will comprise of a class on a specific topic, followed by laboratory sessions to examine comparative geological and ceramic thin section and the varied assemblages in our research collections. Laboratory sessions will encourage discussion and there will be two assessments in order for participants to gauge their progress.

Restricted to the NARNIA community
No. of places available:  max 5 participants, restricted by instrumentation and space.
Fee: Free course

Contact Person:

Dr Peter Day,

Tel: +44 114 222 2917 office / +44 114 222 2900 administration