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[26-29 April 2013, Israel] Sand and Glass – Locating an Ancient Industry


This is a NARNIA training course and scientific workshop organised in Haifa, Israel by the Institute of Archaeology, UCL in collaboration with the University of Haifa.

This training course is not open to the wider research community and there is a limited number of places available especially for the NARNIA fellows and students and scholars working on ancient glass.

Trainers: Prof. Ian Freestone (UCL), Prof. Thilo Rehren (UCLQ), Prof. Patrick Degryse (K. U. Leuven), Ms Yael Gorin-Rosen (Haifa University), Dr M.D. Nenna and Dr Caroline Jackson (USFD)

Fee: None, even though the participants are responsible to cover from their own funds their travel and accommodation expenses.


Preliminary programme of the event

Friday 26 April:  (Timna archaeometallurgy meeting participants fly in from Eilat on 9.45 plane); Meet Tel Aviv railway station 11 am; visit Apollonia, Caesarea and Dor (glass production remains)

Saturday 27 April: Visit Bet Shearim (glass slab), Jalame, Tel Akko (best overview of Belus River), ancient Akko

Sunday 28 April: Conference Sand and Glass, Haifa. Speakers:  Degryse, Rehren, Jackson, Nenna, Gorin-Rosen, Freestone as well as a specialist on the sedimentology of the Bay of Haifa and the Belus Sand (precise titles to be confirmed)

Sunday evening/Monday morning disperse



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