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[23-27 June 2014, UK] Summer School in Archaeometallurgy: Copper and iron

UCL Institute of Archaeology, London, UK

23-27 June 2014


Prof. Rehren teaching


A one-week course on the archaeometallurgy of copper and iron (and their alloys), combining lectures, seminars and practical sessions, led by Thilo Rehren, Marcos Martinon-Torres and other staff at UCL. The course will include a general introduction to archaeometallurgy, but will then focus on the production of copper and iron across the world, with an emphasis on the  principles of metal smelting and slag formation, relevant technical ceramics, and the analysis of archaeometallurgical remains to reconstruct technological processes. This course is jointly organised by NARNIA and the Institute of Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies (IAMS), UCL.

Date: 23rd – 27th June 2014
Location: UCL Institute of Archaeology, London, UK
Number of places available: FULL
Fee: £180 / free for UCL students and members of NARNIA
Some limited funding available – please contact us for further information
Contact person: Pira Venunan, email:

Schedule of the course

Monday 23rd
Speaker: Prof. Thilo Rehren
Topic: Technical foundations: Mining and smelting copper and iron

Tuesday 24th
Speaker: Dr. Michael Charlton
Topic: The analysis of bloomery iron smelting slag. Chemical analyses and multivariate statistics

Wednesday 25th
Speaker: Dr. Eleanor Blakelock
Topic: Metallography and microstructure of archaeological metal objects

Thursday 26th
Speaker: Prof. Marcos Martinón-Torres
Topic: pXRF in archaeometallurgy

Friday 27th
Speaker: Prof. Marcos Martinón-Torres
Handling session


List of speakers

Professor Thilo Rehren – UCL Qatar

Dr. Michael Charlton – UCL Institute of Archaeology

Dr. Eleanor Blakelock – British Museum

Professor Marcos Martinón-Torres – UCL Institute of Archaeology

(Please click the speaker’s name for their academic background and interests)


More information about this course and IAMS/UCL can be found *HERE*

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