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[20-27 June 2013, Greece] Aegean ceramic technology from theory to practice

Trainers: E. Aloupi (THETIS), G. Alexopoulos (3rd EPKA, Excavations at Thera), A. Kotsonas (Univ. Amsterdam), M. Krigka (TEI Ionian Islands), A. Lekka (Eph. Priv. Arch. Collections), E. Manakidou (Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki), D. Palaiothodoros (Univ. of Thessaly), V. Vlachou (Univ. Libre Brussels), and I. Nalbani (ceramicist, vase painter), V. Xyda –Ralli (vase painter), V. Magkopoulos (potter) from the THETIS’ team

The training course is NOT open to the public, and there is a limited number of places available, specifically for PhD students and early stage researchers specialising in ancient ceramic technology. Registration is required ( subject nariaTR_Aegean)

Fee: none (other than travel costs and accommodation to be covered by participants; for inexpensive/affordable accommodation see below)

Duration 7 days 20-27 June 2013

Description of the event: A 7-day workshop based upon courses and experimentation with raw materials, techniques and firing methods. It will focus on the actual reproduction of selected types of historic pottery from the Aegean (Attica, Euboea, Cyclades), i.e. handmade and  wheel -thrown, small and large vases (skyphoi to amphoras), coroplastic artefacts etc of different styles i.e. geometric, archaic, classical_mostly decorated (i.e. with clay slips, painted decoration, incised decoration, added colours etc). Emphasis will be given to the “iron reduction technique” and the development of the 3-stage firing. The hands on training course-workshop will be based on the contribution of THETIS’ specialised personel (ceramists, potters, vase painters etc) in the morning sessions, combined with seminars by archaeology researchers in the afternoon sessions. The participants will have the opportunity to explore a traditional neighborhood in the center of Athens, visit the archaeological site and Museum of Kerameikos as well as other important Museums in Athens guided by specialists. Special events and happenings will be organized in collaboration with Alternative Athens.

Mrs Tina Kyriakis  ( will be happy to advise on accommodation (refer to nariaTR_Aegean)

For any enquiries you might have regarding your participation in the training courses please contact Dr Eleni Aloupi (email: