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Lumiscence dating and the palaeo-environment in SE Cyprus

Principal Researcher: Evangelos Tsakalos (N.C.S.R. “Demokritos”, Greece)

Link to OSL/TL Dating Laboratory at “Demokritos”:


This study focuses on the reconstruction of the different palaeoenvironmental phases/episodes of the coastal areas of southern Cyprus from the upper Pleistocene to Historic times from the standpoint of the Paleogeography and Paleoclimate through an interdisciplinary approach. For this reason various processes including field geomorphological/geological reconnaissance, GPS/GIS documentation, soil sampling, in-situ ‘external’ dose-rate measurements by portable scintillometers and full laboratory processes for luminescence dating (OSL and IRSL) are undertaken. Additionally, the laboratory work will inevitably include employing of all needed techniques such as grain size analysis, polarising microscopy, XRD phase identification, XRF analysis of major and minor elements by a light/portable system, NAA quantitative determination of U and Th for ‘internal’ dose-rate calculations, SEM/EDS bulk analyses and phase microanalyses and micro-paleontological definitions.

Apart from the coastal area of the southern Cyprus, this study will also include dating of some sites from inland Cyprus. This is because of the archaeological importance of these sites which makes them attracting even though their prehistoric activity is not associated with the coastal environment.