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A diachronic study of ancient Cypriot metalwork

Principal Researcher: Dr Andreas Charalambous (University of Cyprus)

For Andreas’ full CV, please click **HERE**


Research focuses on a diachronic study of the metalwork produced during Late Bronze Age and Iron Age on the island. In specific, this project concerns mainly the study of the bronze artefacts coming from five important archaeological sites of Cyprus, namely Palaepaphos-Skales (Early Iron Age), Pyla-Kokkinokremos (Late Bronze Age), Limassol-Enaerios (Late Bronze Age), Salamis (Cypro-Geometric III to Cypro-Classical II Period, 900-300 B.C) and Enkomi (Late Bronze Age), in order to ascertain the types of alloys used and whether there is a differentiation in composition depending on the type of the artefact. This is a subject which has not received much attention in the past and which is feasible today thanks to the possibility of using a portable handheld XRF analyser which does not require sampling. Collaboration will be established with the NARNIA partner institution of Sheffield, which leads a relevant work-package about the application of portable XRF in archaeology within the broader NARNIA project.


A plain hemispherical bowl, with areas where the original high-tin yellow surface can be seen

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