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Copper alloy production and consumption in the Tuscia region during the Middle Ages

Principal Researcher: Mainardo Gaudenzi Asinelli (University College London)

This project aims to provide a broad overview of copper alloy compositions through time and space in the eastern Mediterranean, combining advanced statistical methods with targeted fresh analyses to fill particular gaps in the record. It will be closely integrated with the research by ER 01, and it is expected that the two fellows visit each other’s host institutions regularly. As an important service for the academic community, ESR05 is expected to develop a round robin for copper-based alloys, involving all partners and relevant external scholars to improve inter-comparability to chemical data between different labs and users. This project ties in with a current development based in Oxford to collect large numbers of unpublished compositional bronze data spanning across Europe and into the Near East, to complement the successful SAM (Studien zu den Anfaengen der Metallurgy) project.