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pXRF application in Archaeology

Work package leader: Dr R.C.P. Doonan (University of Sheffield, UK)

Other scientific staff:

· Prof. V. Kassianidou (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

· Dr G. Papasavvas (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

· Dr J. Hurley (Niton UK Limited, UK)

· Dr R. O’Neil (Wessex Archaeology Ltd, UK)


Description of work package

This work package aims to furnish a new generation of archaeological scientists and cultural heritage researchers with training in the application of portable XRF to a range of archaeological materials including glass, metals, ceramics and soils, and extending to composite materials encountered in the built environment such as mosaics, architectural faience and bonding materials. In the process of establishing a training facility this work package aims to establish principles of best practice and produce guidelines for this emerging technology and its application to a wide range of archaeological applications. The focus of the work package will be across material classes and it is the objective of the approach to contrast applications in the field and in the museum/laboratory. A critical concern will be establishing how a new generation of researchers can effectively undertake analytical campaigns in the field.

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