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ESR03 Fellowship: “Glass supply and consumption in the Byzantine Empire”

Fellowship title and id. code: Marie Curie Early-Stage Research Fellow – UCL–ESR03
UCL Ref: 1166670

Fellowship description: Glass supply and consumption in the Byzantine Empire.
Ideally, this is a case study of excavated early Byzantine glass fragments from one or more sites in the broader eastern Mediterranean region. The aim is to identify the prevalent composition for different types of vessels and other glass artefacts, and to match it against the known major glass groups circulating in this period. It is hoped that this will shed light on the pattern of glass supply and trade in the early Byzantine empire, and will provide training for the fellow to operate advanced analytical equipment and to integrate the resulting data into a clear archaeological and historical context and research agenda. Research to lead to PhD award.

Requirements: Applicants for the Early Stage Researcher (the doctoral) fellowships must possess a Masters degree in one of the following fields in order of priority: Archaeological glass,  Byzantine archaeology and history,  glass analysis
More information on requirements    UCL Ref: 1166670

Duration of fellowship: 3 years – starting from January 2011

Closing date for applications: 1st December 2010

Financial regime: Fellowship covers tuition fees and monthly salary in line with FP7-PEOPLE-2010-ITN
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Please make sure that you check the eligibility and mobility criteria of the Marie Curie Research Training Networks before you apply to ensure that you are eligible.