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NARNIA Identity


NARNIA is an interdisciplinary project, the main objective of which is to provide young researchers with the means to conduct research on ancient Eastern Mediterranean material culture and to develop their analytical skills through a series of research and training activities.

An awareness of the recent advances in technology and an understanding of the implications for theory and practice in the heritage environment have brought together a consortium of academic institutions and private companies in this collaborative project to support young researchers in their first steps into the competitive and complementary worlds of academia and private enterprise.

This well-structured research network aims to improve the career prospects of employment for young researchers, developing their lab-based skills in the study of ancient materials, while contributing to the history and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, a region of great historical, cultural and geopolitical significance. In particular, through a comprehensive mobility scheme, young researchers will have the opportunity to continue their research careers at high profile universities and well-established private enterprises while working in research projects focused on the study of ancient material culture.

Sixteen Early Stage Researchers (equivalent to PhD candidates) and three Experienced Researchers  will be trained to integrate theory and archaeological sciences for the study of different material categories, including ceramics, metals, glass and mosaics from primarily Cyprus, Greece and Jordan. The proposed program engages experienced academic and research staff, young entrepreneurs, and young researchers for a broad collaboration network, which will facilitate the exploration of analytical equipment and research data, while concurrently directing and promoting research activities in Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Here you can find details about the project coordinator and the whole management structure. You may also Contact the Coordinator and Project Manager.

Project Budget: 4,6 million euro. The funding is provided by the Marie Curie Initial Training Network programs which fall under the call FP7-PEOPLE-2010.

Main Project objectives

  • High-quality and multidisciplinary training of young researchers for skills and research development
  • The interdisciplinary study of ancient materials contributing to historical and cultural knowledge of the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  • Application of techniques coming both from the “soft” and “hard” sciences and testing of their suitability and complementarity for the study of ancient materials.
  • The dissemination of research results and outreach actions
  • Research and methodology outlines for future research and educational collaborative programs, taking into account the requirement of complementarity and interoperation between different European and regional institutions for the implementation of best practices.
  • Recommendations for future research collaboration and access to physical and virtual research infrastructures, particularly for users from the Eastern Mediterranean region, for the development of research in the region on holistic and multidisciplinary grounds.